7 Best Ways to Shoot Outdoors

outdoor photographyTaking pictures in broad daylight with the sun shining so bright can be a challenge for photographers who often shoot outdoors. Light is important in making subjects come up clear in pictures but too much light can cast shadows on your image making it look terrible. Dark spots will surely appear in the picture when you shoot outdoors with the sun shining right above your subject.

This is nothing to fret about though because there are ways you can remove the unwanted shadows and overall produce great outdoor images. Below are several ways professional photographers successfully shoot outdoors.

  1. Shoot wide

A fast, wide angle lens can help you achieve a good shallow depth of field that can make your subjects stand out. An aperture of f /2.8 or f/4 is a good choice for shooting outdoors because it can provide a nice blurry background thus giving emphasis on the subject at the center.

  1. Find a shade

Shooting in direct sunlight can make your subject not uncomfortable but also create shadows in the image. It is best to find a shaded area when shooting outdoors so there will be no visible shadows or dark spots in the picture. Just make sure your camera is set right so your shots will appear amazing.

  1. Choose a focus point

If you are into street photography (or something similar) wherein you are shooting outdoors with no definite subject, it is best to choose first a focus or point of interest. This will serve as your subject. Make sure to choose only one and use it as your reference in composing your image. An image without a focal point will look dull and unbalanced.

  1. Check the background

Before clicking on your camera for an outdoor portrait shot, check the background first. The background should not be cluttered because clutters can divert the viewers’ attention from the original subject.

  1. Shoot in raw

If you ask professional photographers to choose between shooting in RAW or JPEG, most of them will surely answer RAW. A RAW image is unprocessed which allows a photographer to later to be more creative in the post production stage. You can fix whatever it is that needs to be changed in the image. It takes a huge space in your memory card though so you will have to buy more cards. Photographers of JLC Photography prefer to shoot in raw than jpeg.

  1. Use a reflector or diffuser

At times, when you cannot find a shade to avoid the bright sun you can try to use a diffuser to somehow cover the subject. You can also use a reflector to bounce off the light so it is not directed to the sun. A reflector can also remove the shadows on your subject when the sun is right above him or her.

  1. Get the right equipment

If you frequently shoot outdoors, you need to consider buying the right equipment for such type of shooting. You can start with a DSLR camera, standard zoom lens, reflector and flash diffuser. Then, buy spare batteries, memory cards and umbrella for photography. A tripod is also of great use if you are into wedding photography London. Study the settings of your camera as well as the features so you can really get the most out of it.

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