Baby Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners

baby picturePhotographing baby is a rewarding yet challenging task especially for amateur photographers. You will feel great after having a chance to do something spectacular and yet you might encounter some challenges which require you to be flexible. You have to be prepared for every baby photo shoot in order to make it successful.

Listed below are some basic baby portrait photography tips that beginner photographers should know.

Put the baby into deep sleep

If you are looking forward to successful day of baby photo shoot, ensure that your subject is in deep sleep. Most babies are by nature unpredictable and sometimes irritable especially when around strangers. Thus, putting the baby into sleep is a big advantage to you the photographer. Although it might sound challenging there are simple ways to do it.

First, play with the baby. Babies are playful and the parents can take advantage of that by playing with their babies two to three hours before the photo shoot. When it is already time for the shoot, the baby will already be tired and most likely get into sleep.

Another thing you can do is to have the baby ahead of the shoot. Advise parents to make sure the baby is full and has eaten an hour or two before the photo shoot. A full baby is also most naturally be in a good mood (when awake and does not sleep) than a hungry baby

Remind breastfeeding moms to avoid spicy or chili dishes

Eating spicy can affect the quality of milk produced by the mom and can even upset the baby’s stomach. This can affect the sleep and mood of the baby thus making it difficult to achieve great photos since the baby might be irritable and crying all throughout the session.

Check all props to ensure baby’s safety

There is one thing that most photographers like wedding photographers cambridgeshire love to do when doing a baby photo shoot and that is using different props. It simply enhances the baby’s adorable image and makes him/ her look more adorable. You can have the baby wear a hat, or a headband or place a stuffed toy nearby. Ensure that all props to be used by the baby are freshly laundered and free from dirt or pointed objects.

Inspect your cameras and accessories

Check your cameras to know if all are functioning well. Have a look also at your accessories and make sure everything is working and if not fix them before the scheduled shoot.

Always have someone stay beside the baby

To keep the baby safe all throughout the photo session, you need to get an assistant or have a parent stay near the baby. The assistant can catch the baby in case it rolls over or about to fall. He/she must stand at least 2 feet away from the baby and never remove sight from the child while you are taking pictures.

Clear away unnecessary things

Remove the clutter or unnecessary objects in the scene before the shoot. Clutter can take the attention of viewers away from the baby. Make sure to check the background before taking pictures of the baby. Even london wedding photographers check the whole scene and remove clutter before shooting pictures.

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