How To Capture Creative Wedding Photos

One thing about wedding photos is that they tend to have the same style, the same angle. Nothing wrong with it, but they don’t normally show how much fun and memorable such events can be. As photographers, it is important that you get to capture these moods and emotions well. One way to do it is to capture more creative types of shots which are more unique, more memorable to look at, and does better in capturing the atmosphere the people felt in the wedding. These photos not only takes you to that day but lets you see it in a different but fun light.

To achieve this, here are some helpful tips to capture those creative wedding photos:

Experiment with your gear

First things first, weddings are not the time for you to try out your new gear. There is so much at stake at a wedding there leaves little to no room for mishaps just because your new gear did not work well as expected or you are trying to get the hang of how your new gear works. If you are going to try it out, better do it on a free day and not on an important occasion.


However, once you know the ins and outs of your equipment and what it could do, feel free to be daring in changing lenses or setting up new gear with your camera to achieve more creative but artistically beautiful shots. Always remember to be quick in doing such switches as you may miss an important moment if you are too slow.

Experiment with shooting

Even if you don’t have any new gear to use during that day, you can always capture creative shots using the gear you already have. For starters, you can try out using the existing color filters of your camera, especially using the monochrome filter that gives your photos a black and white look. You can also try shooting from other angles and create more dramatic or artistic shots that would grab the attention of the viewer of the photos.

Have a Second Shooter…or You Could Be One

If you are a photographer like wedding photographer hull who likes to experiment with more unique shots for creativity’s sake, you should know that taking those shots can make you miss some important moments, even if you are quick to change gears when necessary. That’s why it is important for you to have a second shooter who can cover those shots that you are unable to take for some reason or another.

Conversely, you can be the second shooter and be able to take some more creative shots by getting in touch with a more experienced photographer and get to work under his wing. Another advantage here is that you also get to learn new concepts or methods from professionals that you would be able to use yourself to be better at your skills.

Whether you will have a second shooter or be one yourself, always remember to coordinate with your partner so everything that needs to be covered that day are duly covered.

Be on themarriage-918864_1280 Lookout for Other Sources of Inspiration


Apart from other photographers, there are many sources available at your disposal for creative wedding photography ideas. There are numerous publications, websites, and photos that you can check out to see those impressive examples of photography that you can take your cue from. Just be careful not to border on plagiarism. You may be taking inspiration from another idea, but take time to put your own twist or element to make your photos more unique and more of your own that you can be proud of.

Take On Daily Exercises

Another method that you can use to improve your creative photography is through constant photography exercises that lets you do some experimental shots that will eventually improve your craft. One photo a day projects in social media would be a good venue to showcase such work as you can get to have feedback to help you improve your creativity as a photographer.

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Traditional vs. Reportage Wedding Photography: Which One is For You?

With the evolution of photography and media in recent years, there is also an evolution happening as well in the realm of wedding photography. This evolution has brought about not only change in the style of capturing photographs of such events.

In particular, this has brought up two different and distinct styles of wedding photography: the traditional wedding photography and the reportage wedding photography. Quite often, this has been a subject of debate among wedding photographers like Rafe Abrook and Rowan Watts as to which is the best, not to mention a source of confusion among those who are about to getting married not only on the aspect of what they are but also as to which would be the best for them.

To answer these questions, it is important first to know what these different wedding photography styles are about and what they bring to the table as far as the output is concerned.



As the term implies, traditional wedding photography is the oldest style of wedding photography that has been practiced by photographers for years since photography began. It is the photography style your parents and the ones before them were used to when they got married.

Traditional wedding photography is considered to be the more “rigid” and “predictable” style as the photographer has taken note of a set of moments to capture, with everything planned out beforehand. It usually is characterized by formal setups with people looking stiff at the camera. As such, candid moments are rarely captured by this type of wedding photography, creating an impression that the images produced look “fake” or “stiff” in the sense that the genuine emotions of a wedding are not perfectly encapsulated by these images.

Also due to the “rigid” nature of this photography style, it is also a style that is time consuming. Photographers of this style take more time in setting up the areas where the photos will be taken and other pertinent details of the shots to be planned, making sure the elements are set up the way the photographer envisioned it to be.


The name may imply that there is an element of a documentary or journalistic report. In essence, that is what reportage wedding photography tries to convey with the photos. This style of photography has become more popular in recent years as the preference for realism in photography has become the trend around the same time. Current trends indicate that this particular wedding photography style is the style of choice among many couples who plan to get married.


Reportage wedding photography aims to tell the story of the wedding as it happens naturally, with less to no direction or supervision being provided by the photographer. Thus, raw, spontaneous moments and emotions of people at the wedding are captured. For photographers, they get more freedom to capture any moment that are noted to be recorded, without having to rely on a preplanned list of moments to be taken.


With such contrasting styles and approaches that are popular in wedding photography these days, there are some photographers who manage to combine elements of both styles into one. It would not be surprising to see in their portfolios some photos of a wedding shot in reportage style while other photos were taken in the traditional style. In addition, employing both styles provide an opportunity for photographers to be creative in documenting the wedding, employing one particular style in moments that may be deemed appropriate by the photographer.

Nevertheless, there is a dominant style that can be gleaned at such photos, as only a few photographers have managed to acquire true expertise of both styles. More often than not, majority of the photographers choose to develop expertise in a single style of photography and at times, employ elements of other styles to make a unique photography style that will be distinguished from the rest.


Now that we know the different wedding photography styles, the question remains as to which one you would choose. Ultimately, the choice of wedding photography style is up to personal preferences as each style is suited to fit certain preferences and tastes of the couple.

If you have yet to decide on a photography style you would like to see in your wedding, check out the works of different photographers who employ either style of photography and see which style you would prefer. After all, a wedding is your moment and you get the freedom to choose which style would capture your moment the way you want it.


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10 Top Tips When Planning Your Wedding

best wedding tipsA perfect wedding is what most couples want to have. They want their wedding to run smoothly as planned. A wedding usually happens only one in a lifetime so a couple will have to spend time, money and effort to make their union a successful one.

Planning a wedding it not easy though since there are plenty of tasks that you need to work on. It can also be nerve-racking especially if you have limited time and you have no idea where to start planning. Well, of course you can hire a wedding coordinator to help you out but the major choices and decisions will still come from you and your partner.

You have to monitor expenses, scout locations, compare prices, and hire wedding vendors and a lot more. To avoid missing an important task to do, you need to be well-organized and follow helpful tips from couples who have had a successful wedding celebration. Below are 10 top tips that you can follow when planning your wedding.

  1. Create a timetable

Preparing a timetable that contains all the major tasks and their target deadlines is a good way not to miss anything significant to the wedding. The timetable will serve as your guide on what you need to prioritize and when you should finish each.

  1. Get as much help as you can

Hiring a wedding coordinator and looking for relatives or friends you can rely on can help make it easier for you to plan and act on each. You and your future spouse must also work and decide together to ensure that everything will be right in place.

  1. Set the assignments straight

Monitor the tasks and assign a person for each so you will know who to contact and ask for updates. If you cannot hire a wedding coordinator or planner, your family members or friends can help you look for things and suppliers you need.

  1. Choose the best wedding date

Choose a date wherein most, if not all, your valued guests can come. Your wedding may happen only once so you will of course want your closest friends or relatives to witness this important event in your life.

  1. Prepare all necessary documents

Wherever you plan to have your wedding, there are certainly documents and permits that need to be completed or submitted. Make sure to do the research and accomplish the papers as early as you can.

  1. Secure transportation and parking space

Means of transportation going to the wedding venue is something you should not overlook when looking for a venue. You must consider a venue where it is easy for your guests to go to. Parking space is also something you need to think about especially if most of your friends plan to bring their own vehicle.

  1. Hire the right wedding professionals

There’s no doubt that wedding pictures are important for couples. One way to ensure that precious moments are captured is by hiring a professional photographer to do the job. Find someone as skilled as this wedding photographer hertfordshire.You should also consider hiring a wedding videographer. A videographer can record the actual events so you can view the moments you might have missed during the wedding.

  1. Finalize your bridal entourage early

Your entourage plays a big role in the wedding so it is important that you finalize who will be part of the entourage. Make sure they are free on your chosen wedding date and that they can possibly join any rehearsals you have.

  1. Send the invitation not too early

The best time for you to send the wedding invitation is at least two weeks before the wedding. This is to give you time to make any changes you might want in terms of the wedding theme, venue and number of guests. For those who will take part in the wedding, you can inform them earlier, maybe months ahead, so they can confirm their availability.

  1. Check on your wedding outfits

Well, of course, the bride’s gown and the groom’s suit are important for the wedding. You need to ensure that your wedding attire fits you perfectly and if there are necessary adjustments you have to know about it early so the outfit can still be altered.

Following the 10 tips above can hopefully make your wedding less stress-free and run smoothly.

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