Do’s and Don’ts to Remember when Taking Wedding Videos

wedding videographyWorking for the first time in you chosen career can be tough. Whether you are into cake smash photography, wedding photography or wedding videography, you will surely encounter some problems. For amateur wedding videographers, shooting a wedding for the first time can be really challenging. If you want to successfully record a wedding, then you will have to know the right way to record the wedding video.

There are do’s and don’ts that a beginner like you should know to avoid making mistakes during the wedding. Keep in mind that the couple expects to see a wedding video that will show the precious moments during their wedding that they might have missed seeing on that day.

Below are the do’s and don’ts that can guide you on how to take wedding videos.


  1. Ask the clients about their expectations

Discuss every detail of the shoot with the client. Your client is the one who will pay for your services. In the past, the client is usually the bride or groom but nowadays, the client can be a friend or relative or the bride or groom. They give the wedding video as a gift to the couple.

You will have to listen to your client on what he/she expects in the video and your client will also set the guidelines and might even ask for unusual request which you can try to accommodate.

  1. Include the wedding venue in the video

Some amateur videographers fail to include the wedding venue in the wedding venue. They probably think it is not important to include it. But then, you must be aware that most, if not all, couples want the venue to be shown in the video since the place now becomes significant to them. It is where they tied the knot and vowed to stay together through thick and thin.

  1. Capture the arrival of their valued guests

Make sure to capture the arrival of the couple’s valued guests because these people are special to them. They would love to be able to see these faces even years after the wedding. Aside from taking shots of the couple during the exchange of vows and their party, it is also advisable to take some footage of the guests happily celebrating with them.

  1. Clarify the products they want to order

A wedding video can be made available in CDs, digital copy or in other formats. Make sure to clarify with the client the format they want. Clarify also the length of the video they expect as well as the parts or moments they want you to include.

  1. Check your mic or digital recorder

Your video won’t be great if your audio is not working. You should make it a point to check your mic or recorder a day or two before event. It would be best if you have an external mic or recorder that is dependable so you can really pick up the sound especially when you record the exchange of vows.


  1. Do not assume that all weddings are the same

It is wrong to assume that all wedding will run the same. There are weddings that are easy to cover while there are those that can be really challenging to record. As a wedding videographer, you need to know the important details of the wedding particularly the location and flow of events. If you can scout the location days before the wedding, then that would be great so you can plan better and be prepared for it.

  1. Do not get in the way of their official photographer

Getting along with the wedding photographer can help make work easier for you. Do not get in the way of the photographer or in other words, be sure to befriend the couple’s Los Angeles wedding photographer or official photo shooter so you can both talk about where to position and what to cover. By having a wonderful relationship with the photographer, you can plan together on how to cover the wedding and satisfy the expectations of the client.

  1. Do not forget to sign a written contract with a client

A written contract signed by you and your client will be beneficial to both of you. Do not work on a project without a written agreement for something might end up wrong in the future if you do that. Your client might not pay you the balance or you might end up wasting your time covering without getting any payment.

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10 Top Tips When Planning Your Wedding

best wedding tipsA perfect wedding is what most couples want to have. They want their wedding to run smoothly as planned. A wedding usually happens only one in a lifetime so a couple will have to spend time, money and effort to make their union a successful one.

Planning a wedding it not easy though since there are plenty of tasks that you need to work on. It can also be nerve-racking especially if you have limited time and you have no idea where to start planning. Well, of course you can hire a wedding coordinator to help you out but the major choices and decisions will still come from you and your partner.

You have to monitor expenses, scout locations, compare prices, and hire wedding vendors and a lot more. To avoid missing an important task to do, you need to be well-organized and follow helpful tips from couples who have had a successful wedding celebration. Below are 10 top tips that you can follow when planning your wedding.

  1. Create a timetable

Preparing a timetable that contains all the major tasks and their target deadlines is a good way not to miss anything significant to the wedding. The timetable will serve as your guide on what you need to prioritize and when you should finish each.

  1. Get as much help as you can

Hiring a wedding coordinator and looking for relatives or friends you can rely on can help make it easier for you to plan and act on each. You and your future spouse must also work and decide together to ensure that everything will be right in place.

  1. Set the assignments straight

Monitor the tasks and assign a person for each so you will know who to contact and ask for updates. If you cannot hire a wedding coordinator or planner, your family members or friends can help you look for things and suppliers you need.

  1. Choose the best wedding date

Choose a date wherein most, if not all, your valued guests can come. Your wedding may happen only once so you will of course want your closest friends or relatives to witness this important event in your life.

  1. Prepare all necessary documents

Wherever you plan to have your wedding, there are certainly documents and permits that need to be completed or submitted. Make sure to do the research and accomplish the papers as early as you can.

  1. Secure transportation and parking space

Means of transportation going to the wedding venue is something you should not overlook when looking for a venue. You must consider a venue where it is easy for your guests to go to. Parking space is also something you need to think about especially if most of your friends plan to bring their own vehicle.

  1. Hire the right wedding professionals

There’s no doubt that wedding pictures are important for couples. One way to ensure that precious moments are captured is by hiring a professional photographer to do the job. Find someone as skilled as this wedding photographer hertfordshire.You should also consider hiring a wedding videographer. A videographer can record the actual events so you can view the moments you might have missed during the wedding.

  1. Finalize your bridal entourage early

Your entourage plays a big role in the wedding so it is important that you finalize who will be part of the entourage. Make sure they are free on your chosen wedding date and that they can possibly join any rehearsals you have.

  1. Send the invitation not too early

The best time for you to send the wedding invitation is at least two weeks before the wedding. This is to give you time to make any changes you might want in terms of the wedding theme, venue and number of guests. For those who will take part in the wedding, you can inform them earlier, maybe months ahead, so they can confirm their availability.

  1. Check on your wedding outfits

Well, of course, the bride’s gown and the groom’s suit are important for the wedding. You need to ensure that your wedding attire fits you perfectly and if there are necessary adjustments you have to know about it early so the outfit can still be altered.

Following the 10 tips above can hopefully make your wedding less stress-free and run smoothly.

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